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The more discussion there is, the more likely attitudes and behaviors will improve. Lectures: Remember how you fell asleep when boring professors spoke in college? Your employees are no different.

Lectures are not an effective way to get people to change their attitudes and beliefs. Irrelevant Information: If the material is not relevant to their jobs, people will not accept the information. They want ideas they can use immediately. Invest in a room that looks pleasant and professional.

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It sounds basic, but make sure the room is well heated or cooled and has comfortable seats. Offer refreshments.

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Add audio and video presentation equipment. Companies need to bring in new trainers who have new information and different teaching styles. Companies should also invest in new training materials to spice things up. They learn differently than previous generations and they get bored easily. Look at the games they play on their phones.

10 Steps to achieve customer service excellence

They want to be entertained. Labor time is your single biggest cost. If you do it right, then training is a wise investment. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. John Tschohl's revised soft cover book provides a complete action plan for making quality service the central focus of the management strategy.

It has been called an encyclopedia of customer service strategies and experiences. This is the 10th Edition with updated financial information on the world's service leaders.

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Achieving Excellence provides the plan on how you can move forward on building a service strategy in your organization. Every top executive who is serious about growing a business around a customer experience should read this book. This book will show the financial payoff from driving a service strategy in addition to helping you learn how to implement a strategy built around superior customer service.

Good service is nice but it will not get you into the game or help you keep customers. In today's competitive environment you must provide awesome service every day by every single employee. NO exceptions. Many consider this book the bible of customer service.

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It is comprehensive and will provide you the fuel to make it happen in your organization. John Tschohl really gets it. He knows, and helps you learn, that great companies are created by creating great customer experiences. This well written book by John Tschohl must become a Constitution for all top executives that strive for their customers' love. John Tschohl has important things to say about the critical success factor. He surveys the landscape for key issues Organizations of all sizes, it many different industries from across the world are using his innovative approach to driving a service culture and implementing a customer service strategy.

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