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In the STEO, production of fuel ethanol and net imports of biomass-based diesel stay unchanged, while net exports of fuel ethanol decline modestly. Federal mandates and state programs continue to support biofuel consumption through , however, biofuels remain a relatively small share of total U.

Biodiesel Production: How To Make It & Test It - Graydon Blair - CBC 2011

The most common biofuels consumed both domestically and globally are fuel ethanol and biomass-based diesel. Biomass-based diesel, which collectively refers to biodiesel and renewable diesel, is typically mixed with ultra-low sulfur distillate fuel at varying percentages.

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EIA expects that U. Fuel ethanol production is largely dependent on domestic motor gasoline consumption, which has been relatively stable in recent years, as fuel economy improvements have largely offset increases in population and vehicle miles traveled. Growth in domestic production will continue to be supported by antidumping and countervailing duties placed on biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia that went into effect in Current import restrictions on these countries will contribute to flat biomass-based diesel net imports through , with U.

Biofuels account for a relatively small share of total transportation fuels, with consumption supported over time by the federal Renewable Fuel Standard as well as state-level biofuel programs. Agriculture in the Mississippi River Basin. Agrochemical use in US agriculture.

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Average water requirement for biofuels. Biodiversity in forests and oil palm plantations, South East Asia. Bioenergy from agriculture: factors related to biodiversity. Bioenergy, general concept.

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Biofuels crops and biodiversity. Biofuels in China: crop production and water scarcity.

U.S. Economic Impact of Advanced Biofuels Production – BIO

Biofuels production and forest area variation in selected countries. Brazilian biofuels: infrastructure and crops. CO2 emissions from land conversion for energy crops.

Differentiation between crops, land-use and end-use efficiency. Ecosystem carbon payback time. Energy costs in Bot Trang village, Cambodia.

Sustainable Approaches for Biofuels Production Technologies

Energy efficiency of fuels - how many kilometres can we drive? Energy potential from one tonne input: organic matter and landfill material. Estimated costs and benefits of restoration projects in different biomes. Estimated feedstock efficiency and environmental impacts. Forest Carbon Sequestration. From seed and soil to end use.

Global biodiesel production, Global ethanol production. Global production of biofuels. Green jobs. Impact of land conversion on biodiversity.

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Impacts of first-generation biofuels on agricultural prices. Indirect land-use change induced by increased biofuels production.