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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book serves as a practical guide for practicing engineers who need to design analog circuits for microelectronics.

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Readers will develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic techniques of analog modern electronic circuit design, discrete and integrated, application as sensors and control and data acquisition systems,and techniques of PCB design. Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio is a Ph.

Microelectronics - From Fundamentals to Applied Design | Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio | Springer

He has worked on various international projects in the field of gravitational wave research. Actually, He works in the X-ray field to design new devices about High Voltage X-ray and Microbeam for radiobiological and microscopy applications. Di Paolo Emilio is also the author of numerous publications on electronics design, data acquisition system via GSM, power supply and photovoltaic system. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview.

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Describes fundamentals of microelectronics design in an accessible manner Takes a problem-solving approach to the topic, offering a hands-on guide for practicing engineers Provides realistic examples to inspire a thorough understanding of system-level issues, before going into the detail of components and devices Simulates circuits using PSpice to understand effects of design alternatives and proposes experiments for analyzing electronics parameters see more benefits.

Length of Study: 4 years.

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Accredited from: The doctor study programme is devoted to the preparation of the high quality scientific and research specialists in various branches of microelectronics and electrotechnology, namely in theory, design and test of integrated circuits and systems, in semiconductor devices and structures, in smart sensors, in optoelectronics in materials and fabrication processes for electrical engineering, and in sources of electric energy. The aim is to provide the doctor education in all these particular branches to students educated in university magister study, to make deeper their theoretical knowledge, to give them also requisite special knowledge and practical skills and to teach them methods of scientific work.

The doctors are able to solve scientific and complex engineering tasks from the area of microelectronics and electrical technology Wide fundamentals and deep theoretical basis of the study program bring high adaptability and high qualification of doctors for the most of requirements of their future creative practice in all areas of microelectronics and electrotechnology.

The doctors are competent to work as scientists and researchers in many areas of basic research or research and development, as high-specialists in the development, design, construction, and application areas in many institutions, companies, and organisations of the electrical and electronics research, development, and industry as in the areas of electrical services and systems, inclusively in the special institutions of the state administration. In all of these branches they are able to work also as the leading scientific-, research-, development- or technical managers. The graduate of the doctoral study programme is able to solve scientific and complex engineering tasks in the field of microelectronics and technology for electrical engineering.

Electronic Devices & Circuits - Introduction to Electronic Devices & Circuits

Having broad theoretical knowledge, the PhD graduate is capable of meeting work requirements of both fundamental and applied research. The PhD graduates are sought out as specialists in all branches of microelectronics and technology.

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They are able to work as research workers, as members of management staff in fundamental or applied research, as design, construction or operation specialists in various research and development institutions, electronics manufacturing firms, and to work for various users of electronic systems and devices. They will be able to employ advanced technology everywhere in a creative way. Vladislav Musil, CSc.