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God's Marvelous Molecular Machines

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Abstract : Single Molecular Machines and Motors brings together different approaches and strategies to design, synthesize and study single molecular machines and motors in a multidisciplinary way. Written by leading international experts, this book summarizes the advances in the field through a number of disciplines.

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Some contributions describe molecular chemistry such as organic, aromatics, and coordination chemistry while others address theoretical chemistry in a predictive way or through post-experimental modelling. Experimental physics with extensive use of scanning probe microscopy STM and AFM is discussed for examining one single molecule. Feringa was able to build the first molecular motor, consisting of two small rotor blades and two flat chemical structures joined with a double bond between two carbon atoms.

A methyl group was attached to each rotor blade, forcing the molecule to keep rotating in the same direction. When exposed to a pulse of ultraviolet light one rotor blade jumped degrees around the central double bond, then the ratchet moved into position and with the next light pulse the rotor blade jumped another degrees, and so it continued. But the magnitude of these discoveries is yet to come, according to the scientists themselves and the Nobel Prize committee. Chemistry has thus taken the first steps into a new world.

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Now we have a Boeing and an Airbus. There is endless opportunity. Since their discoveries the three scientists have constructed several molecular machines, including a molecular lift that can raise itself 0. Chemistry is a fundamental science and it needs some space in which to develop the fundamentals. In a recent report by Scientific American, nanorobots that can be sent through blood vessels and nanomaterials that can monitor vital organ health may soon revolutionize healthcare.

In Dave Leigh at the University of Manchester was able to develop a molecular robot that can grasp and connect amino acids. Last year Nature reported that researchers have exploited the light-activated mechanism to develop some drug-like compounds that switch on or off in response to light Borowiak et al.

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In US scientists reported that lab-made molecules whose parts come together when exposed to light might be used to treat macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa, like a photoswitchable molecule Tochitsky et al. Researchers have also shown that molecular machines could lead to the design of a molecular computer, placed inside the body to detect a disease before any symptoms are exhibited Xing Jiang, University of California, Oct 4 It is unknown today what the killer application as Stoddart put it will be, but without a doubt scientists believe that these tiny machines could have a huge impact on our future and revolutionize medicine and our quality of life.

As always, the Nordic Life Science magazine will, in our first issue of the year: the Nobel issue, highlight the Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and Medicine. The issue will be filled with Nobel coverage, including exclusive interviews with all six Laureates in Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine. You will…. Postings included North Africa and the U. But despite the disruptions to his personal relationships and schooling, his interests in mathematics and science remained constant.

That interest in science narrowed to a….

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine highlights a process that is integral to aging, cancer, and infectious disease, but has not been well known outside of cell biology. A tiny lift,…. Close Sidebar. Facebook Like Twitter Follow. Nobel Prize. Molecular machines — Tiny but significant. Malin Otmani.